A bangdownunder review

A bangdownunder review

A bangdownunder review

We believe bangdownunder.com is legitimate because we have found few indicators that could suggest scams. A trust score of 76 resulted from the bangdownunder.com review. The rating was contained in an algorithm that is supported by public sources like WHOIS, the server IP address, the company location and the spam and phishing lists on the website. While we rate the medium to low risk bangdownunder.com, we can not guarantee that it is not a scam on a fake site. In order to determine that it is legal and safe, you should always check your own manual.

Highlights Positive
The correct SSL (source: Xolphin) certificate

For quite some time ( 5 years, 283 days) this website has existed

Negative features

The website owner uses an identity hide service

This site has a low rank of Alexa according to Alexa, 1302551

There were no feedback on WebOfTrust (WOT) on this website.

A PO Box is used to keep the site anonymous

3 countries are included in this website

This website appears to offer risk-related adult dating services.

Comprehensive review

Rating of the business

We note that the website owner uses a service to conceal his / her identity.

This may happen because the owner won’t spam. However, the identification of the actual owner of the website is also difficult. This results in a slightly lower score for web pages hiding their identity.

It looks like this business offers a service for adults. The website may offer a legitimate service but there are scams in the industry. Most of the subscription-based dating services are often fake, especially sex-based ones. Women on these databases are (in most cases) payable to (most of the time) men who subscribe to the service. The capacity for actual physical contact is always limited as people take sex into account.

Analysis of Webshop
This site is ranked in 1302551 as defined by Alexa. The number of visitors to this website is therefore very small. From an early, limited or niche web site you can expect this. However, the popular website should be ranked higher by Alexa.

No feedback on other pages has been obtained from bangdownunder.com. We searched a range of websites such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber but were unable to get feedback of this website. This may be understandable for starting websites, but particularly for larger or older online stores that don’t have reviews.

The website’s address is a PO box. The business therefore remains anonymous.

The setup of this site covers three countries. Particularly larger and corporate websites often use multi-country Internet infrastructure. In order to make the site faster the web servers can be located in many countries. Also in different countries the firewall and DNS can be installed. This is less popular for smaller websites since they typically purchase from an agency all the services.

Technical analytical analysis

There has been found a valid SSL certificate. Professional enterprises use an SSL certificate to encrypt communication with their websites between your computer. There is however different certification levels and also a free SSL-certificate is installed by scammers.

A bangdownunder review
A bangdownunder review