Allbirds dasher review

allbirds dasher review

Allbirds dasher review

The Tree Dasher is the first premium shoe made of natural materials by Allbirds, and is made of merino wool, eucalyptus and sugarcane. This neutral, lightweight shoe is extremely comfortable, but having an agreeable fit doesn’t compromise efficiency.

The Dasher is available in four different colours, and you will not only feel fast on your morning runs with its simple , sleek design, but you will look stylish too. Plus, the Dasher’s carbon output is 30% of the average running shoe’s output, so you can feel good about your choice while on your runs feeling extra comfortable.You know Allbirds by now, the maker of those cool casual kicks that could look like you Can wear for running.

Confusingly, the names of those shoes were Runners but they were not really running shoes. However, they ‘re cozy and come with upper merino wool or one made of eucalyptus tree fibers.

Now Allbirds gets into the sport side of footwear, launching its first real running shoe, the Tree Dasher. You might admire here “Can this business actually make a certain running shoe? “Considering its absence of experience, it’s a fair question.

For what it’s worth, we asked the exact same thing back in 2012 when Skechers started making running shoes, yet today they are making award-winning models that runners at all levels of the sport embrace.

Where to purchase?

Available colours: Geyser (white and light blue), Cyclone (light green), Flame (orange and red), and Thunder (black and white)

MSRP: 175.00 USD

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The top

This might sound stupid but my favorite part of this shoe is the knit upper. I was wearing my usual shoe size, and it fit perfectly snugly. The upper portion is stretchy and breathable and it does not chafe at all, which has won me extra points. When I went to the Dashers for my first sprint, I noticed around a kilometer in that I was wearing ankle socks. Normally, I will have to pay for that and shuffle it home with angry red blisters.

Absolute Explanations
One day I took the Dasher for a fast 5 K and a long run on another, and both scenarios felt fantastic. It’s nice to have such a comfortable and well-cushioned foot, particularly on long runs, because you need that extra support when you are pounding for 15 to 20 kilometres. Compared to other runners on the market, this shoe is a little heavier on the side but in the past I made the mistake of opting for lighter shoes with less cushioning and support and I paid for it.

Its style is another great thing about these shoes. Personally I use them for everyday wear when I retire running shoes. However, sometimes this just doesn’t work, unless I want people everywhere I go, staring at my bright yellow shoes. I’m not going to have that problem with The Dasher. The Dasher has “the right amount of nothing” in the words of Lisa Halbower-Fenton, Head of Product Development at Allbirds. They ‘re not a loud, ostentatious shoe but they’re not plain either. They are just the right blend.

allbirds dasher review
allbirds dasher review