Easycgi review

Easycgi review

Easycgi review

EasyCGI is a web hosting company headquartered in the United States that claims to be one of the top ten hosting companies worldwide. Endurance International Group, a large organization that also owns more than 50 different hosting brands including Globat, PureHost, BlueHost and SuperGreen Hosting, owns the company.

Originally established in 1996, EasyCGI has over 15 years of experience in the web hosting business. The company is specialized in shared web hosting based on Windows, and provides a variety of plans, although VPS hosting based on Linux is also available.
Plans to host

EasyCGI has three shared hosting plans to choose from among clients. Growing design is Windows based, and offers a option Hosting environments under Windows 2003 or Windows 2008. The plans enable the hosting of unlimited domains and FTP accounts to clients.

The Advanced X plan provides 350 GB of disk space and 3,500 GB of bandwidth a month for customers. This program restricts POP3 email account numbers to 500 and MySQL databases to 50.

The Advanced X2 plan provides disk space of 500 GB, monthly bandwidth of 5,000 GB, 1,000 POP3 email accounts and 100 MySQL databases.

The Advanced X4 plan provides storage space of 750 GB, monthly bandwidth of 7,500 GB, and unrestricted POP3 email accounts and MySQL databases.

Web hosting on Linux based VPS is also available through EasyCGI. Four plans are available, and each plan comes with a different IP address and allows clients to host an unlimited number of pages.
The Linux VPS X plan provides 256 MB of RAM (up to 512 MB bursable), 20 GB of disk space and 500 GB of bandwidth per month.
The VPS X2 Linux plan provides a step up from the low cost option. That brings 512 MB of RAM (up to 1 GB burstable), 30 GB of disk space and 1000 GB of monthly bandwidth.

The Linux VPS X4 plan provides 1 GB of RAM (up to 2 GB bursable), 50 GB of disk space, and 2000 GB of bandwidth per month.

The Linux VPS X10 plan is available through EasyCGI as the top end VPS plan. That gives 2 GB of RAM (up to 4 GB burstable), 100 GB of disk space and 2000 GB of bandwidth per month.
In addition to the basic hosting costs , the company provides a range of add-ons that are chargeable. These include website backups, SSL Certificates, a SiteLock service and professional SEO.

EasyCGI has an affiliate program for successful referrals, and a reward program. If customers wish to sell their own white label web hosting, they can also opt for a reseller programme.

I wish there’s an Easycgi crap Minus Star option, actually Hardcgi. Today is the fourth day and all my websites are down, I have been using their services from 2009 onwards. They were good in that period from 2009 to 2012, but now they are totally useless, always down and showing “Directory Listing Denied This Virtual Directory does not permit the listing of contents.”

Due to easycgi issues, my websites rankings are done day by day. Owing to unavailability Google decrawl my websites. If there is an choice to put some screenshots then I’ll show you guys how many times in a month I’ve contacted them to solve my question.

EasyCGI is a great place for me to host my little sites on asp.net. It answers quickly … I haven’t seen any problems but for the first time I found the panel confusing.

I solve my confusion when I contact them … I recommend this hosting provider to you … hey, my hosting site is a very small flash site. After signing up , I didn’t have to write a single ticket to them on any problem now after around 6 months. My website is still in, and the mail server does a fine job.

The control panel allows me to have full control at any time, from any location, and to administer every aspect of my account. The UI (user interface) is clean and easy to deal with without the complications and headaches.

easycgi review
easycgi review