Ebulb review

Ebulb review

Ebulb review

The EBULBTM Emergency Power LED Light Bulb by Boundery integrates a rechargeable built-in lithium ion battery into the base of the bulb which, in the event of a sudden power outage, automatically activates and will remain illuminated for up to six hours.

The EBULBTM Emergency Power LED Light Bulb provides the equivalent light as a 60 watt soft white LED light bulb and can be used for regular use as a normal light bulb in the home. The intelligent charging feature of the bulb charges the battery automatically over a six-hour cycle during normal usage.

The SmartCharge LED Bulb is a clever invention from a team living in India where a lot of power outages are experienced. Easy to use, as easy as screwing in a light bulb. What makes this unique is its being a light bulb with a battery. In case of power outage, the backup battery and intelligent components keep the light on. The backup battery stores 4 hours of light and has a charging time of 6 hours. Another big feature is that the LED charging light only uses 5.5 watts. The smart bulb Smartcharge is a money saver as compared to Florescent using 13-15 watts or the traditional Incandescent using 60 + watts! I’m a fan of light ‘s strength and clarity too.

The bulb may also be used as a flashlight separately by inserting it (included) in the hook of the lamp holder or keeping it in the palm of your hand.

Color LEDs are receiving all the attention in the smart lighting world with their rainbow of hues and countless party tricks. It’s fun stuff, but the reality is that most of us rarely will find a lot of a need to turn all the lights in the house blue or red — unless it’s time to celebrate our World Series winning team. Even then after the celebration you’ll probably want to turn them all back to white.

White light is also important in its own right, as there is plenty of science today to show how different shades of white – with color temperature variations – impact our psychological state. Cool light which is closer to blue has an energetic influence, and is best in the morning.

Multi-light systems like ceiling fans or dimmer switches do not operate effectively with this model.

Product Specifications


800 LED Lumens in AC mode

600 Lumens in DC mode

25,000 LED Lifetime

Input voltage: VACS 120

Velocity: 60 Hz

Handy hook included

Certified by TUV

Efficient lighting, using 80 per cent less lighting than incandescent light

Suitable for any place in the house

Data Shipping

USA Shipments

Standard Floor

Method of Return

30 Day Ensuring Satisfaction

ebulb review
ebulb review