Friendship disappointment Quotes

Friendship is a mutual affection among people. It is the most reliable relationship in the world even stronger than the blood relationships.If you are a good and sincere friend, then you have everything in your life.You might have already read a lot of friendship hits and misses over the INTERNET, and you be wondering that why people wrote about the friendship disappointment quotes. Well it’s quite accurate that some friendships don’t last long and you have to take your separate ways just to make sure that you would be living a pleasant life ahead. Not all the friends are great. Some friends are even lethal than the haters and enemies. Some people, whom we consider our well-wishers, hurt us most lethally. And if you have a genuine friend, then he or she will be getting hurt by your silence than your hateful words. If someone is giving time to you, then it’s not merely the time, but it’s the portion of their life that they are gifting you. They said we have made our own heartbroken buy expecting so much from the people around us so stop assuming and start paying attention to what we have and what they are giving us. A friend can never be a cheater but if he is then it’s quite hard to forgive your friend than your enemy. And friendship is not all about knowing a person for so long but is all about having that person on your side.