Sunboost review

Sunboost review

Sunboost review

Sunboost may be a solar energy system, battery storage and solar array installation company with offices located in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. Sunboost provide solar energy solutions for residential and commercial use including hybrid and off-grid solar panels. Sunboost Solar has been within the game for around one year. They popped up round the same time Arise Solar did.

IF you would like to speak a few PRICE BEAT ON A SYSTEM OFFERED BY SUNBOOST OR ARISE SOLAR fill your details out here. we’ve good reason to believe SunBoost Solar and Arise Solar are a more moderen brand of Euro solar.

We would suggest that Sunboost solar do have good installers also is poorer installs also .

Solar installation with these big national cheap companies may be a lucky dip. you’ll get an excellent installer, otherwise you could get their newest solar installer with no experience.As you’ll see below, these customers are furious with their solar installation.

The solar is simply not installed to a high standard. But this is often very understandable for those folks within the industry, as SunBoost Solar tend to not pay the installers much money, and sometimes have their cheapest and newest subcontractors installing solar with little or no experience.

Anyone had experience with this mob?
I know they provide lower end installations, but they need to be quoted well under other options on behalf of me (Armidale NSW).
Product review displays a 4-star average with not many bad reviews.

Below is from their quote

Please see the below Price for five kw system considering single phase meter.

System Details

System Capacity ( 5kw )

Standard Price


Your Discounted Price

Seraphim Panels


Solax Premium Inverter

18 Panels of 275 watts x 5 kw 1 phase High Efficiency Inverter


Inbuilt wifi
2 free panels


Price Includes :




  1. Grid Connection

Government Rebate Discount

Import / Export meter isn’t included.

Just because you’re neighbour got installed by Sunboost solar the month earlier, had an incredible installation experience, doesn’t mean in the least that you simply will get the precise same installer and same good-quality solar installation. there’s definitely an honest chance that that installer has moved on or is doing another job thereon day, and you’ll be left and assigned to subsequent available solar installer for your job.

Sunboost Reviews:
I found Sunboost accidentally through a Facebook add – and their price for the advertised system was several thousand but quotes I’d got through solarquotes. I’ve read everything from Finn on quality brands, installers etc but within the end the cash was beginning of my pocket therefore the ‘premium’ prices installers would are a extended payback period. actually it had been HALF the value of some quotes! i used to be a touch worried about the prospect of somebody not one among the three quotes from solarquotes, so checked abreast of their ABN – Been in Business since Feb 2017 …read more
Review by Allan Forrester George posted on Google Maps:

It is today unfortunately not so often that one encounter professionals that pride oneself in their work. Both installers of the new system exceeded our expectations. One cannot but give them the very best mark. ranging from punctuality, being outgoing and friendly it had been a privilege to watch the skill with which they administered all the individual and sophisticated tasks required to put in a system .

I would not be exaggerating to state that both A stars in their field of activity. This in fact made the installation of the new system from your company a really pleasant, interesting and enjoyable experience for us. …read more

Products and Services: Residential and commercial grid connect, hybrid, battery storage and off-grid solar energy systems and solar array installation services.
Installed Brands: SMA, ABB, SolaxPower, TrinaSolar, Enphase Energy, SolarEdge, Seraphim and Growatt.
Clean Energy Council Accreditation: Accredited Solar Installers

Electrical Licence: NSW 309865C, QLD 84156, SA 282275, WA 13106, VIC 28145, ACT 2017933
ABN: 69 617 634 876
Locations and repair areas: Brisbane – New South Wales – Victoria – Adelaide – Western Australia – South Australia – Queensland – Melbourne – Perth – Sydney – Baulkham Hills – Docklands

Sunboost review
Sunboost review