What Surgery Is James Charles Having

What Surgery Is James Charles Having

What Surgery Is James Charles Having

Beauty YouTuber and Instant Influencer host James Charles is not any stranger to gossip. The influencer has come under attack quite once for various rumors and controversies, though arguably none are talked about the maximum amount because the rumors about his face lift .

Like most beauty gurus, the authenticity of James’ natural beauty has been questioned, and his recent tweets about his surgery only still fuel that. So why is James Charles getting surgery?

James Charles tweeted about getting surgery.
In a tweet posted to his account on May 27, James revealed to his fans that he would be foundering the knife.

“today is surgery #1… wish me luck,” he tweeted.

This surprised fans, as he hadn’t mentioned any surgical procedures he was getting to undergo, and he offered no other explanation aside from it had been a multi-part surgery.

Has James Charles had plastic surgery?
James has been accused on quite one occasion of getting face lift done, especially after his Coachella photos went viral due to his, well, assets.

The beauty influencer even jokingly tweeted that his current surgery is really about his nonexistent butt implants.

“btw my surgery is an a-s reduction cause it’s too fat,” he tweeted.

Besides the rumors that James had butt implants done, there have been also rumors that he had his genitals removed, a conclusion which a number of his followers came to from how often the influencer poses in biker shorts and other tight-fitting clothing.

James addressed this rumor specifically during a video where he reacted to TikToks made about him.

The original video, posted by TikTok user @paigecynovaa, shows a series of photos of James in very tight clothing to Gotye’s “Somebody That I wont to Know.” The video cuts to the user lip-syncing to the lyrics “but you did not have to chop me off,” with the caption “James Charles pp.”

In the video, James initially laughed about it, saying “that was the simplest usage for that song ever.”

But James also used this as a chance to deal with those rumors, clarifying that he didn’t have his genitals removed.

“Especially in recent TikToks where I even have worn biker shorts, there’s a rumor which is that I not have my ‘sister shlong,'” he said. “I’m here to line the record straight — it’s actually still there. But I wear biker shorts and sometimes tight-fitting clothing, so therefore it goes… tucked underneath.”

What Surgery Is James Charles Having

Currently, James has never admitted to getting any kind of cosmetic procedure done, though there continues to be much speculation about it.

What Surgery Is James Charles Having